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Network Assessment

Without the ability to review the current state of your network, it is very difficult to plan and design for the future. Assessment of a network allows for the establishment of a baseline set of metrics to determine the network’s overall performance and capacity to:

  • Accommodate future growth
  • Meet security and availability objectives
  • Support the roll-out of new applications, including ERP and CRM
  • Handle bandwidth sensitive application, such as VoIP

Network Administration

IT infrastructure is a significant investment and absolutely essential for any business to thrive in this world of 24-hour commerce. So how do you ensure that your investment delivers the return you expect? Trust your state-of-the-art infrastructure to the expert network administrators at NetGrin.

We understand that network administration means different things to different companies and our experts are well-versed at discerning these differences and delivering precisely what you need.

Consulting Services


NetGrin's IT engineers are very unique individuals due to our one of a kind selection process that brings in not just capable trouble-shooters, but extremely logical experts with a mix of reasoning, experience, and thirst for technology knowledge. This approach allows our clients to benefit from our ability to support them in whatever technology path they need us to take them on.

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