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What would happen to your business if the CEO’s hard drive crashes, or you accidentally spill coffee on a laptop?  Losing or damaging a computer is not always preventable, but losing data is preventable.

NetGrin PC Backup is:

Simple. Easy to install and then it runs automatically

Secure. Protect critical business information from theft, loss, and corruption

Affordable. Low-cost solution that helps you protect your PC- and laptop-based files and folders

Data loss can occur at any time: a hard drive could crash, a laptop could be lost or stolen, or users could inadvertently – or intentionally – delete important data. The task of backing up PC-based files and folders can be expensive and challenging for any company, especially if you have employees who travel or who work in remote locations.    

With NetGrin PC Backup, you can easily back up the critical business information that is created and stored across all the desktops and laptops in your company, without disrupting the day-to-day workflow of your employees.

Administrators manage PC Backup directly from the end user control panel, including adding new machines, viewing backup status for each machine, restoring data backup sets, and viewing storage usage.

Finally, an easy way to secure the critical information that resides on your desktops, laptops and servers.

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